Sparlock Of The Multiverse

About Sparlock of the Multiverse

Sparlock of the Multiverse is a science fiction trilogy that is currently in production. The first book is titled The Great Apocalypse.

This innovative saga has elements of fantasy, historical romance, and satire. The story is something like a philosophical thought experiment that draws upon both ancient mythology and cutting edge scientific theories.

Of the worlds in this fictional multiverse, some are very much like our own. Real events in our history are presented and become an important part of the story.

One of these real events is the infamous 2012 “Summer of Sparlock”. In case you haven’t heard, this is when Sparlock the Warrior Wizard made his debut in a religious propaganda film aimed at children. The film appears to be designed to get children to obey the teachings of the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Sparlock the Warrior Wizard appeared in that film as a toy that a young Caleb brought home from school. His mother was horrified to see her child playing with a “magical” toy and guilts him onto throwing it away without any regard for the feelings of the friend who gave it to him.

Many who saw the video felt that it was psychologically abusive. Sparlock, however, became a big hit. People loved the fact that he was both a warrior and a wizard!

Parodies of this beloved toy went viral. People began to buy shirts and coffee mugs with his picture on it. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses thought this Sparlock was just an invention to make their religion look bad, only to discover later that he appeared in an official DVD.

Sparlock has a certain charm, but his plight also resonated with many former Jehovah’s Witnesses who have been treated poorly by the leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In the video, Sparlock was thrown away like a piece of garbage. In real life, millions of former members are ritualistically shunned by their Jehovah’s Witness relatives and friends. Many of them have donated their time and energy to the cause, only to be treated like refuse after they decide to leave the religion.

“Sparlocked” became slang for being discarded unfairly by those who were once your friends. This little toy became a mascot and a symbol of hope for those who have had their lives and family ties shattered by the arbitrary policies of religion that is more concerned with total obedience than the happiness and well being of its members.

This entire incident deserves to be parodied, and that is an important goal of the Sparlock Saga. However, Sparlock of the Multiverse is a distinct character from the toy warrior wizard. He has his own story and his own history. There are some strange connections between the toy and Sparlock of the Multiverse, but that is a mystery that will will only be revealed after exploring the myths and legends of this and other worlds as the novel progresses.

We hope you are intrigued by this work in progress. Please feel free to follow our blog. We will keep you updated on Sparlock news including the release date for the first novel.