Sparlock Of The Multiverse

About Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson is the author of the Sparlock of the Multiverse Trilogy. He based this novel on an original concept by Joel Vangsgard, who funded the project and oversaw production.

His background has been unconventional, largely as a result of growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness. This has played a significant role in the plot of the Sparlock novels.

Daniel’s religious activities included giving Bible sermons and full time preaching in remote parts of the country including Northern Wisconsin, the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, various Indian reservations and the Badlands region of South Dakota. He has been bitten by dogs, chased by bulls and threatened with various forms of physical violence. He may have even knocked on your door. If so, he apologizes for disturbing you.

In time, he simply couldn’t keep reconciling the teachings of his religion with a mountain of scientific evidence, the religion’s past teachings and even the Bible itself.

In 2007, he officially resigned from the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He was aware that this would involve enforced ritualized shunning from most of his relatives and the rest of his social support system. He doesn’t regret the decision because it has allowed him to be true to himself rather than be forced to pretend to believe something he finds objectionable.

His work experience includes construction, concrete work, installing barbed wire fences, social services, Internet marketing and web design.

He is also an amateur composer whose compositions have been played on the radio and in concerts in the United States and France. His works include experimental microtonal music and classically inspired pieces, especially chamber music.